Audiovisual Performances

Figure 1. Bleu électrique with Joseph Escribe and Valérie Marinho de Moura at Escaladieu Abbey (september 2017).

As a visual artist, I often work with musicians and dancers on live performances using custom written software. I use programming to create dynamic images that respond to live music and gestures.

I use motion-sensing input devices like Kinect to retrieve depth maps and point clouds I animate using multi-agent systems and force fields.

I’m interested in the movements that can be captured using processes as motion-capture and technologies as infrared cameras. In my work, movement is an expression of a state of mind. I define it and give it to digital entities in order to create complex dynamics that are built on their interactions. These interactions are able to give life to a whole picture that appears breathing on its own while interacting with performers.

About the author

Florent Di Bartolo is an artist and a researcher based in Paris. His work includes audiovisual performances, installations and interactive data visualizations. His research and artistic practice revolve around the notion of data poetics in the context of ubiquitous computing and explore alternative ways of representing and accessing digital data using sensors and custom written software.

He holds a PhD in Digital Art from Paris 8 University and a BA in Fine Art from the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts located in Paris. He teaches new media art and graphic programming at the University Paris-Est MLV.